Chrome Problems With FaceBook

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Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone has ran into this problem as demonstrated in video above. This happens on my Mac and Windows Desktop, but works fine on my Windows Laptop. Is there anyway to fix this problem? I searched on google and tried some ideas but they seem not to work. I uninstall and reinstalled still nothing.

Thanks for your help!


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Have you tried emptying cache and cookies?

I really can't tell from the video what your problem is, do you mean the page going blank? Sounds like an ad server / blocked ad issue.

Do you have no problems if another browser such as Firefox or Maxthon or Opera or IE is used?

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I tried to clear data, cache etc. If I use safari, IE9 Firefox, I have not run into this problem. It seems to only happen in Google Chrome on my Mac and PC's. New feed will open normal when first opening Facebook, but when clicking on Profile the only thing that will show up on the page is the bottom half of the page like shown below.


In order to see my Facebook profile I have to "Refresh/Reload" the page all the time. I just think that there is a bug in Chrome, but who knows right.

Thank you


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Okay, for some reason Chrome works better with the flash player built into Shockwave player than the Flashplayer most people use. You could try uninstalling adobe flash player and downloading Adobe Shockwave flash player. That worked for my wife when she had problems with chrome and facebook.

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