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Hello all,

I've run into a weird problem that I can't seem to crack.

On my roommates computer (Windows 7), pinging my router or google will give an intermittent timeout or two for every string of 4 or 5 successful pings.

It does not occur on my computer or on any other one on the network (4 in total).

I tried swapping out the router, problem persisted.

I tried swapping out the cable, problem persisted.

I tried updating the drivers for the chipset/motherboard and its still ongoing.

I tried a malware scan and nothing was found.

Wondering if i've missed anything other than buying a new network card for him and trying that?

I'm at my wits end here, if its just the ethernet port on the motherboard that is defective that'd be strange in my eyes...

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

EDIT: forgot to mention that this is a new problem (within the last 2 weeks) and no changes to the configuration in that time and the computer is hardwired to the router.

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I flashed the bios, still nothing.

Finally just bought a new PCI network card, installed that and disabled the onboard one and things seem to be functioning normally in case anyone is having the same problem.

Happy new year folks.

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