Ellen DeGeneres Fans Lose Money to Facebook Scam

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December 15th, 2011, 16:33 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs

Ellen DeGeneres Fans Lose Money to Facebook Scam

I had just finished writing about the fake nanny emails which target the savings of unsuspecting recipients when I stumbled upon a similar scam that may have made a large number of victims.

An email and a social media account that allegedly belonged to Ellen DeGeneres’ manager were used to offer her fans a place in the show. In reality, this turned out to be nothing more than a classic scheme to steal their money.

According to Hollywood Reporter, an individual created a Facebook profile and a Gmail account on the name of Eric Gold, pretending to be the celebrity’s manager. He then posted ads and sent out emails to her fans, offering them a seat at the TV show and a $3,000 (2,100 EUR) check to cover travel expenses.

"You have been selected from members of the Ellen DeGenere's Facebook Fan page to be on her talk show because of your comment on the 'Halloween edition'. If you are interested in attending, this offer is an all expense paid trip from Ellen in appreciation of being a fan of Ellen.You are required to reply as soon as possible because we have limited time," reads the phony email. Those who responded to the invitation were required to provide names, addresses, email addresses and cell phone numbers to claim their prize and once they responded, they were duped into believing that they quickly had to perform a bank transaction in order to make it to the show.

"You have to quickly rush to bank cash the funds and head to the western union store to wire your ticket and hotel reservation funds. So you are hereby being advised to send the funds to the below Agent's name," read the reply from Eric Gold.


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... and people fell for it? Duh ...

Send me money too. I'll, uh, get you on the Tonight Show. Yeah, the Tonight Show. I'll throw in a meet & greet with Leno.

Yeah.....it is simply amazing that people fall for this nonsense. There is no cure for stupid.

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