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hi team hows every one

ime here on a brief visit to get some desk top lights

while here ide like to wish every one a merry xmas

and a happy new year

as i dont come here very often these days

i haven forgotten youal

this sight is some of the most happiest times of my life

i know many of you

and i include youal my friends

again greetings


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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays marty ! I come here almost every day & most of the time there is no new post ! I mainly look for new Malware logs, i still do them at G4 !

Later friend !!

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hi team sorry i havent bin back to read and answer you posts

ime haveing this

swollen prostrate trouble

and theve had to by pass the pee via tubes and bags

at first it was sore but ime comming right

first xmas i haven had at home for 33 years

how have you all bin

ge i miss you lot

and ile get here when i can

many many regards


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thanks team

thing are comming right

ile have to keep comming as i lost my way at first

so i had to surf to find you

gee it feels good to be here

i have Q

i have this compt

and a normal c d and dvd dosent fit as the carriage is narrower than the normal model

would a usb work

and can these cdroms and dvds be bought to fit

as i havent bin into some thing like this

i need advice

thanks see you all later


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