hoarding hard drives

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hey bozodog :-)

I Like your new name business name! Just a suggestion that will cost you no money but might bring in some big sales. I noticed when I used to search for "computer repair rochester mn" or "virus removal rochester mn" we never came up in google search results. Just recently I made 2 little changes to our website , now we are getting then #1 spot for the virus removal and #3 for computer repair. 2 of the most important things google uses to index your site is your title page and the content in your h1 tags.

<title>Low cost Computer repair, virus removal Rochester MN</title>

and this

 <h1>Low Cost Computer Repair, Service and Sales Located in Rochester MN</h1>

after I did this, I asked google to crawl my index page only and within 24 hours we got those top search results! Also putting your website name in your signature on besttechie will also help you get better search results.

We just did this a week ago and we have seen results. I always ask people where they heard about us and this week we got a few extra "web search" clients.

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I have been hoarding hard drives for our repair business, I think I have a three month supply. I got most of them at a reasonable price :-)

Hi, not sure what hoarding means ?

SCD (super cool dude) from G* is an example of 10+ years with 'hoarding' haha

Wise thoughts from shanenin with word changes for the Google hits.

To get on page one is critical as few go beyond that, a fact of life.

With the price of SSD coming down in a big way, add solid state drives words ?

I've had mine for 14 months a Patriot came with a 10 year warranty that was proven a month into use failed with pure satisfaction from them.

Any new electronics device is subject to fail quickly and the rest will probably last a lifetime.

The price has really come down from my $349 a 128GB...


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Thanks shanenin. We were finding folks around here didn't get BritFix, until they spoke to hubby. :)

I missed the due date for the Yellow Pages last year, so started working on a new name.(kinda good, we ran into $10K worth of new septic system and well this spring) We'll make it this year, and are looking forward to the increased business.

Waiting on signs. Another good thing, the one out front is showing it's age. We had magnetic fridge calendars made up, and are sticking them to cars all over the city.

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from wikipedia

Hoarding or caching is a general term for a behavior that leads people or animals to accumulate food or other items in anticipation of future need or scarcity.

Rather than using the file and settings wizard and transferring old data to the new computer SCD saves the hard drives out of old computers and then puts them in the new computer not as a slave but as a master and repairs the OS. He has been doing this forever and has drives with win98, winME etc and then gets upset when he cannot remember which drive he has what on or which computer it goes in.

Personally I save old hard drives; wipe em and install em as slaves for additional storage or more commonly in USB enclosures for cheap portable storage and backup of important.


Just finished upgrading the home PCs . Whenever I upgrade hard drives, I just use DiskWizard or similar and clone the old drive to the new. THen I put the old one aside, just in case the new one fails or the computer explodes. It never has happened to me, but I believe it is better to be safe than sorry especially where priceless memories are concerned and when it really is not costing me anything . I generally plan on taking the old drive and wiping it and putting it in an enclosure or as a slave in a couple months. I was doing some clean up and discovered I had a bunch of old drives that I had set aside and forgotten about. Most are 10GB or less, some real oldies from the way back machine. I would set them all up in a server , but the cost of IDE controller cards for them would probably cost as much as a single new drive that has ten times the capacity of them all combined. Used the PATA USB connector to check em out , and other than a few old OS (Win 3.11, DOS,) and a couple archival backups ( wow, who would have thought you could save all your important data on a 4.3GB drive). I had wiped them before putting them aside. I guess they should go to the ecycler some day.

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