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just saw on the news were several states experienced


dose any on on the board live in the areas

if so take care

i havent bin here for some time

but when i saw the news it worried me in case some one from the board

was in the area

please be safe

ime off to diabetic meeting but when i come

home ile check the board to see if all is


take care love ya all


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Hi Marty,

I was at work and felt nothing at all. I got a phone call from my wife saying she was in the shower when the quake hit. She thought her balance was off and fell. She only found about the quake after she went downstairs and turned on the radio. I think it was about a 5.9 that was felt from the Carolina's to Canada. It is rare for a quake around these parts. Hope all is ok with you.



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Very good to see you, marty! I hope things are going well for you:)

Take it easy.

hi team

yes we had our share quakes and snow up to our


liuckly we are sparly populated

but in bigger citys in the usa

the danger of injury is

a risk

gday hitest and novi

talki9ng to you guys

helps to take away the worrys

was there any injurys in the quakes

the city i live in quakes were ubusual

i saw were it was 16.000 yrs since tha last actively

so no one is imune

i read california

has frequent shakes

as long as no one got hurt

better be off

take care

and god bless


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It was a fairly deep quake, which means that it was felt much further away than is normal for such a relatively small quake.

I believe there have been several on the east coast over the last couple decades, but they have all been smaller and nearer the surface so they did not make as wide an impression.

As for the hurricane, the only unusual thing is that it is sticking near the east coast all the way up, Usually they either go inland and die off quickly in the mountains or they go back out to sea and off across the atlantic where the cold northern waters wear them out.

NY really is unprepared for the storm surge aspect, and they really should be given the location, low lying nature of the land (hey it was built on glacial morraine and filled in swamps) and the fact that they rely on subways and underground utility distribution.

Politicians are so short sighted, it costs far less to prepare for the inevitable and protect against the damage than to wait until it has happened and rebuild.

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hurricanes are very far and few between

here in the city i live in

tho on the west coast of nz they get em comming from the tasman sea

i havent experienced one

so i cant give adviuce other than please

take care

and be safe

some times people become complacent

when nothing happens for years

like we were in the earthquake

practically all commercial buildings

are deemed unsafe

these were built when things were good and safe

we have areas of red zone and green zones

red zones are the unsafe area

which make up 70 percent of the city in the days when earthquakes only happened in japan

and california as we thought

so no one on earth is imune

again take care


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This summer a Tornado went through just 20 miles south of me. The quake gave us a shaking and Irene left ponds, streams and rivers overflowing and closing local roads and bridges. I hope it's a quiet winter.

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Currently Tropical Storm Lee is in the gulf off New Orleans.

They are expecting 20 inches of rain in Lousianna, but an incoming cold front (will lower the hight temps from 107 to mid nineties for the rest of the week) will keep it from reaching Texas, instead forcing it off to the east to rain on Mississippi, Alabama, and the Carolinas giving them each a foot or so of rain as it moves very slowly northeastward (currently moving at only 2-3MPH compared to Irene which was clipping along at over 30MPH)

This one is probably going to leave a lot of flooded areas as it is massive.


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  • 8 months later...

Looks like there is an increased probability of a major quake on New Zealand's north island.

Many times the stress on the rocks causes magnetic and electrical field effects which result in mysterious lights and in some individuals hallucinations just prior to a major quake.

Or it could just be mass hysteria or too many sheep and not enough human contact.

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