Mozilla Releases BrowserID Web Authentication System

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July 15, 2011, 10:08AM

Mozilla Releases BrowserID Web Authentication System

by Dennis Fisher

Mozilla has released a new browser-based federated login mechanism called BrowserID that is designed to replace the login process on Web sites that requires users to supply an email and password. The experimental system relies on the Verified Email protocol and also works on other browsers, including Internet Explorer.

For users, the BrowserID system works fairly simply. In order to register with the system, a user enters an email address and password one time and then clicks on a link in a confirmation email, just as she would in a typical Web site sign-up process. Once the user has confirmed that she owns that email address, she can then use it as her mechanism to sign in to any site that supports BrowserID, simply by clicking on the BrowserID button on the site.

The system is implemented in HTTP and JavaScript on sites, and Mozilla officials say that the system is designed to respect user privacy and not leak any data back to the sites involved.

Full details here:

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