Microsoft Office vs. Apple iWork?

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Hello all;

To start off, I should point out that I've been an avid user of Microsoft Office (primarily Excel) for quite some time now, but have become more and more disappointed with the last couple of releases. Having said that, I recently bought a MacBook Pro and have been using a copy of Microsoft Office from work, again using it for primary Excel.

Having talked to a few people, I've been told that iWork is great for run of the mill end-users but that it really doesn't stand up to Microsoft Office for Mac in regards to the more robust features. So I guess my question is; is iWork worth looking into? Seeing as how it's a "generic" product (in comparison to MSO, at least) and hasn't seen a new release for two years now, I understand that it's not going to have to have all of the "new" features that I consider to be bloat in Office. But for you iWork users out there - especially those of you work work heavily with spreadsheets - do you find it to meet your day to day needs?

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Because I rarely use office apps I prefer iwork . I just like the simplicity of using it and that it make pretty reports and graphs with just a click. I do have MS office for mac on my work laptop but it sees very little use. If however I were to recommend a office suite for a office power user I would have to say MS Office.

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