Microsoft To Buy Claria/gator?

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Has anyone read this? I just found it on another board, and thought it may be of interest  to you all.

DSL Reports

Barb :o


I'm not sure home users would buy into something like least I won't...that's one reason I'm still using WIN ME.

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I was "cruising the Web today" and somewhere...somewhere, for the life of me I can't remember where....I looked through the "History" and couldn't find it, but I am a Noob--I read that MS AntiSpyware doesn't see Claria/Gator as a "threat" anymore--it said something about it being moved to the "ignore" list. I'm sorry I didn't save the link, but I remembered this post when I read it and fumed. I'm thankful that so far anyways, my Firewall "detects" Gator!


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seeee and you pc guys think that us mac people are just paranoid most of the time. M$ is like the borg and resistance is futile. they going to take another good thing and screw it up.

(uses satellite linking to determine the exact location of M$ headquarters and shakes fist in exact direction)

darn you M$

(a second long bast from the M$ satellite fires just in front on my house)


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It seems Microsoft is going the way of adware...Heh, now Adaware and Spybot will pick up the folder Windows as adware!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Wouldn't that be something??? :lol::lol::lol:

Than we would all have to install "Linux" :lol:

Barb :D

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Install linux? Install linux? Now why would you want to do that?, m$ spyware won't hurt you. It will only take over your computer and run one little ad.

"Bill Gates is God". This ad will not even be seen. That isn't much to ask is it. Subliminal ads don't hurt you> They are so nice and it isn't even asking you to buy anything.

Glad I already got linux :lol::lol::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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what's sad is that i can remember when M$ would buy a company then rip it apart, then tell software companies that if they didn't write software for only their os that the same thing would happen to them. my point is that M$ is just so big that they can pretty much do what ever they want and nobody can stop them. the next time the gov. tries M$ might as well just create BillTopia and declare their won country. then wala the gov. can't go after them for having a monopoly anymore.

as much as i hate to admit it. even linux or the combination of apple and unix ( os x ) is still no real threat to M$ yet.

gator had so much promise too. i was just waiting for a chance to try it out but that won't happen now.

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