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Well, I made it back home safe and sound. My brother is doing very well, he was sure glad I made it home to be with him. Yes he has our mother/father and sisters but I'm his only brother and we have that bond together. He was a wreck when I first seen him, didn't eat for days and was sick, and could hardly walk. Now he is eating and talking, he actually drove me to the airport with my perents and sisters.

He is more of a man then I ever will be, he truely has gone through it all and I dread the day and hope I never have to see my wife get burried...

Now the worst is over for him, the funeral was the hardest part and now it is the road to recovery for him. He is living at my parents right now with the five kids (I feel sorry for my

Those kids sure are a handful but what kids aren't? I think he will be living with them for a while but, may come out to B.C with the kids and live with me till he can get settled. I think the change in scenery and stuff like that would do him some good, but that is totally up to him and time will tell..

Feels good to be home with my little angels, I sure did miss the wife and kids. I believe I was gone 6 days and they were a long 6 days.

Thanks everyone for the support, I showed my brother this thread and he did appreciate the support and couldn't believe how nice people are that I knew on here..

Good to be back on my boards/forums that I attend on, I sure did miss them...

Take Care everyone and live life to the fullest everyday, you never when your time may be up..


I said she was 32 but she was 31...

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Tymekyller, glad you're back safe and sound! And you're right, the worst is over. Bet your parents are going to have a blast with those grandkids!!! Well, unless they run out of coffee..... :P

You and family are still in my prayers and thoughts,


PS, let us know all about your move! Hope you get settled in with no problems.

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yo TK

glad your back

hope your family are coping well

and you of course

you need to take care

and i feel so sorry for your family

it isnt verry nice when you loose a loved one

us on the board wish you all the best

and tell your family our thoughts are with them

a friend


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Welcome home Tyme.

Glad things are getting better. I will still hold your brother in my thoughts. And wish him peace in his troubled times.

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I have been offline for the past little while and totally missed what had happened....I am SO SORRY to hear of your brother's, wifes passing.

That is just a heartbreaking situation for all involved, including us...your friends.

I sincerely hope that your family can find the strength to accept her loss, and I pray for your brother and his children...what a loss it is for those kids.

Although you may think the hard part is over for your brother my friend, in reality..its just beginning for him and the kids. There will be many times in the near future when they will feel like the world has ended, and its at those times when your family will need to be there for them.

I'm sure they'll try to put on a good face during those times, but remember, when they may be acting a little strained with each other or you all, that the pain is still there and they need comforting and understanding.

My sincerest condolances to you and your family, and I pray that you all can find the strength you will need for the hard times to come.

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Glad that you're back and that the healing can begin. I can't even fathom what it must be like to lose a significant other or a parent, and I hope that your brother and his children find a way to have this horrible event bring them closer. He has a great brother and a good support system in place, it would seem.

All the monkey's best....

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