SP proposes independent body to police copyright

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SP proposes independent body to police copyright

iiNet's modest proposal

By Richard Chirgwin

15th March 2011 22:04 GMT

Having survived legal action brought by content owners, ISP iiNet has proposed an independent body be established to help police illegal access to and distribution of copyright material on the Internet.

In its white paper, entitled "Encouraging legitimate use of Online Content", the company says the independent body could act as a clearing house for evidence presented by the industry that content is being copied illegally.

It would then seek customer information from the ISP involved, decide whether action is warranted, and follow up with the consumer accused of either accessing or publishing the infringing content. iiNet's illustration of its model is here. http://regmedia.co.u...net_large_b.jpg

More details here: http://www.theregist...odest_proposal/

Also read more here: http://www.theregist...phere_analysis/

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