Postfix Setup for CGI and Website

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Hello Everyone:

I was wondering if there are any of you that may know how to configure postfix to allow me to send mail from my linux box? I have postfix responding, but it will not apparently send mail out correctly - comes back witb errors that make it look like the hosts I send to don't like my server. I want to be able to send outnound mail so that when my friend sets up his website and forms, I can then use CGI/Perl/formmail to send out mail from the forms that I generate in html.

However, I need some help with configuring podtfix to allow mail to arrive at the destinations I send to, and I think the postfix server runs right, but I think I need to configure a couple things to allow outboud mail to be sent and accepted, and not have bbus marked as a spammer.

Can anyone give me a hand on this one? I would GREATLY appreciate it!


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