Paid Avast 6.0 Products to Include Virtualized Desktop for Sensitive Tasks

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Paid Avast 6.0 Products to Include Virtualized Desktop for Sensitive Tasks

AVAST is actively working towards releasing version 6.0 of its product line and since it develops one of the most popular free anti-malware products in the world, with over 140 million registered users, we keep a close eye on the company's new announcements.

At the end of January we reported about the AutoSandbox feature which will allow avast! 6.0 users to open suspicious applications in a controlled environment to determine if they are malicious or not before giving them access to the system.

Last week, the company announced a new website reputation service called WebRep which will combine threat intelligence data gathered from avast! installations with manual user ratings to calculate and display the reputation of links listed in search results.

The newly revealed SafeZone desktop virtualization feature will only be available in the company's paid products, avast! Antivirus Pro and avast! Internet Security.

"A user can never be absolutely sure that his or her machine is 100 percent clean. But now with SafeZone, they can have a secure virtual space from which malware is not able to steal their sensitive data," says AVAST Software CTO, Ondrej Vlcek.

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