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I can't come to any useful conclusions about what's going on in Egypt. Party it's my own ignorance about the Egyptian government and recent Egyptian history, but the news reports are biased, conflicting, and all over the place, so, I'll ask a few questions:

Were there any options for "the people" to speak out other than through demonstrations? I mean, we (the U.S.) have elections where we get to pick which crook is in charge but, they have nothing at all? It's literally a dictatorship with no representation whatsoever?

How does the military manage, in Egypt and elsewhere, to "take over" the administration of government? Who the F gave them that right? Is it just beyond my level of intelligence and experience to understand how the military could play even a paltry role in the governing of the people? Or is it just that an armed government (entity) will always rule over an unarmed populice?

Do you think it's true that instability in Egypt will spread to other similar nations?

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I am hopeful that the current state of martial law in Egypt is a temporary measure put in place to restore order and a sense of normalcy. I suspect though that protests in some form will continue until free democratic elections are held and the people have a president of their choosing.

Interesting times ahead.

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