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Sipping black coffee at the moment. I have a bad chest cold so am not that hungry. For dinner tonight I will be having a beef stew soup that my wife made (leftovers). The soup is very flavorful, it has barley and veggies along with chunks of prime beef.

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Been cleaning out the fridge, giving all the jars of soup from the winter to the dogs. A little each day now that summer approaches.

I have zuccini and yellow squash, shitake mushrooms, celery, onions, and leeks that need to get used (and shallots are on sale for 99cents a pound so I will probably get them, and corn is 4 ears for a dollar) a pint of half and half . So I need to figure out something that uses at least some of those.

Maybe a squash casserole with yellow squash, bacon, cheddar cheese, half and half , eggs and stale bread.

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Sure has been quiet here lately.

Made another batch of homemade cheese.

Three cups buttermilk, One gallon milk, a bunch of dill chopped fine, and granulated garlic to taste.

Heated up until it formed curds (generally 175-195 degrees depending on fat and protein content).

Strained and then drained in a collander lined with cheesecloth.

Purreed in a blender because I wanted it as a spread for crackers and english muffins.

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I'm sipping a glass of fine red wine at the moment. We are heading out for dinner tonight to celebrate my daughter's 17th birthday. I'm thinking some spicy lasagna is in order:)

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Already had a week of triple digits, we had a cool front so the high temps dropped to 95-99 degrees, but the heat is due back today or tomorrow.

I am thinking of making a batch of Gazpacho , something nice and cool.

Gazpacho turned out great. Three celery stalks, one red onion, anaheim chile, red bell pepper, two jalapenos, two cucumbers, 28oz can of crushed tomatoes with basil, garlic, tomato juice and a can of beef stock. Great warm, even better cold.

Last week I made bread pudding in a pressure cooker. Total cook tiem 15 minutes, I think I would increase that to 20 next time ; followed by a 20 minute (would increase to 30) cooling period. Having done it , I would not go back to the oven method again , at least not in the Texas summer.

Just put it in a pyrex bowl that fits on the steamer rack in your pressure cooker, cover tightly with foil which has been buttered on the underside and it's a snap.

I used stale bread, chinese five spice powder, rasins and cranberries, eggs and half and half. Pretty much used Alton Brown's recipe as a starting point for amounts and went from there.

So easy I may be doing this more often with varios variations.

Today asparagus leek soup

A couple pounds of asparagus , cut off the tips and reserve them , snap off the super tough stuff at the bottom and slice the rest into thin (1/16 inch) disks, slice up the green parts of a few leeks, a couple stalks of celery, some garlic, cilantro stalks (sliced thin) an onion and simmer the whole thing in chicken stock until tender. then puree with hand blender.

This batch needs nothing else, but in the past I have added some milk or half and half or sour cream (as a garnish, swirled into the bowl ) . Gonna make some bread sticks to go with it although as I said it is fine as is.

99Ranch market had white sweet potato / yams on for three pounds for a dollar so I picked some up . They taste way better than the normal orange ones you get for thanksgiving. I boiled a couple, peeled em and mashed in some roasted seeded jalapenos and wow they were delicious. They taste nothing like the orange ones, the flavor is hard to describe, just suffice it to say if you can get some try them.

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Tried a new restarurant for lunch. $4.99 fajita special (beef, chicken or combo) . Massive amount of really good food. Started off with a bowl of borracho beans (think spicy bean and bacon soup ) chips and two types of salsa (traditional red and green tomatillo lime). Did not have time to finish the chips before the platters fo fajitas came out of the kitchen. Enough food on each plate for two to eat., smokey pureed beans, golden cumin rice, lettuce tomato and jalapeno salad, sour cream , grilled onions and peppers and of course lots of super tender beef and chicken and a steamer full of corn or flour tortillas.

Ate so much it hurt and we never did finish the chips.

Gotta go back and try their $4.25 TexMex and enchilada lunch specials (they have six) and then some of the other things on the menu.

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and Smart Balance spread. Just what the dialysis dietitian didn't order. :rolleyes:

Hi TT, so nice to see you using Smart Balance a wise choice all the VA hospitals use.

Actually good for the human body with the Omega-3

Are you aware of Morton's salt substitute is all Potassium, shake on as much as wished or go eat more bananas haha

Ungodly hot now near 80f, seldom go outside in that heat except to the deck later and will try this one from Mr Food ->

Down sized for just me, darn almost asked my mail lady, 1 hour left on her route and cute/classy to fall in love again.

Darn a news flash New Zealand had another earthquake off shore north.

Oh Marty I/we worry for you and yours...



4 ounces cream cheese, softened

1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese

1 tablespoon milk

1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon black pepper


1/4 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

4 (8- to 10-ounce) strip steaks

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Yes, I buy the Smart Balance spread, Smart Balance Sour Cream, and Smart Balance fat free and 1% milk. All are quite good.

But that is so I can occasionally enjoy myself and go eat stuff that is good.

I avoid salt substitutes, as if I do not get enough salt my potassium level gets dangerously high.

I exercise amply ( My dogs make me take them for a morning run 3-4 miles every morning and we double that on weekends and holidays) not to mention my home gym equipment. But due to thyroid problems I still have high cholesterol despite taking statins. I just wish they would go ahead and put me on thyroid supplements as that would probably solve a lot of things.

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Black coffee, oatmeal, a banana, and whole grain toast with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. I'm going to have a salad with some salmon for lunch. I am *very gradually* losing some weight:)

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Quick dinner of two Hoffman Coneys with Gulden mustard and sweet relish on whole wheat hot dog buns. I just had to eat something the dietitian wouldn't approve of.

Hey Marsh, I can't use any type of salt due to it's high potassium and sodium levels. My anti-rejection drugs raise my potassium levels so I need to be careful and dialysis patients are to avoid additional sodium so the excess fluid can be removed properly..

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Today was chili dogs; oscar meyers with mustard, chunky sirloin chili no beans, and diced onions. Gonna have to make a couple chili bean and cheese burritos later.

Yesterday was Shrimp Diablo since they had "broken jumbo shrimp" on for $3.49 a pound. Simple version is just to take the shrimp, some hot sauce (tobasco or wing sauce or whatever you like ) and butter or just red pepper seed and olive oil , sautee till the shrimp are done and pour it on pasta.

I prefer a more complex version. I took 1.5 pounds of shrimp, peeled and deveined them. Sautee a head of garlic (diced) and equal amount of shallots in olive oil. Add in the shrimp, one 28 oz can of diced tomatoes with basil. I take two dried chipotle (jalapenos which have been dried in a smoke house so they are all smokey ) and cut off the top and bottom with scissors and shake out the seeds. Slit them open and remove any remaining seeds and ribs (save all those seeds for sprinkling on Pizza, they are spicy and smokey and really good) and use scissors to cut the chipolte into tiny peices (Dried chipotle are way better than those ones they put in tomato sauce in a can. ) and dump em into the pot and cook until the shrimps are done. Serve over angel hair pasta with slabs of french bread to soak up the extra sauce. Enough for four large servings , or six moderate to small ones. (Enough for two adults to stuff themselves and have leftovers for lunch the next day).

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Pulled a peice of Beef Tenderloin (Chateau Briand, Filet Mignon) out of the freezer and am brining it in marinade.

Will have to decide on whether to cook it filet mignon style or cut thin and pound thinner and quick cook like philly cheese steak / minute steak.

Don't feel like going the chateau briand path of cooking it whole and then slicing it thin unless I do that on the grill outside.

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Hey guys .. sounds like you are more like having a feast as opposed to a snack. Now I just snacked on a scone and a hot cup of chocolate with marshmallows. Now I am off to dreamland. 226.gif

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In reality I rarely "snack" I eat a couple times a day , and often spread a meal out over a few hours , but rarely go in for just making something small just to nibble a bit of it.

Today I caught "marinated chicken fajita meat" on for a dollar a pound (it turned out to be a mix of boneless skinless thighs and boneless skinless breasts) so I bought seven pounds, split it into three packs , froze two and cooked the third on the grill pan.

Then I sliced it up into thin strips.

Made Pica De Gallo (Diced onions, anaheim chilis, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice) and made a couple fajitas (one with hot sauce one without.) still plenty of it left to make more later

Might try one with some sauteed onions and peppers too.

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The garden is just coming in, fresh broccoli about to flower so it is finally time to harvest, french dip for pure taste unlike imported stores have.

Ah 1st dig of the year she was a red potato, so now I know what rows are red or white, pinched a few chives from my 20 y/o plant, besides the beautiful flowers.

Add a little sour cream and Smart Balance, life doesn't get better haha

Ouch with 12 tomato plants my 1st born ripe (early girl) will be a few more day, keeping a watch on her.

Unless you've had a fresh organic grown you will not understand me the difference in taste.

My neighbor has about 1,000 square feet of sweet corn and they are the expert for the sweetest corn, an open offer to help myself anytime will be maybe 2 weeks.

Ever heard the saying have the water boiling when picking corn cob, is really true as corn wants to turn to starches within a short time.

Impressed my mail lady with Day Lily so edible flower even without the cottage cheese and cherry on the top.

A special taste amongst the other edible flowers and there are many, columbine or nasturtium for a peppery taste.

Chicken breast marinating in a zip lock baggie, just whatever guessed at olive oil, rice vinegar, brown sugar, pepper a hit and miss before the charcoal grill.

The wait is on.

Hi Pete, a Google search lead me to a very old thread, venture only if you wish for memories...Posted 16 August 2005 - 07:56 AM

Since I still have Miss Fae's Gmail, time to find the answer why that other forum banned me, Chappy banned hurt me to just know that.

Hi TT, sorry to hear about potassium, mine low has been since a kid with feet cramping and swimming scared me.

Until I discovered the banana before my doctors knew better.

My fiance died of kidney failure and I did understand why she refused dialysis, her sister in law went a few years before passing so much effort for a few years.

Life goes on in different directions.

Hi Peaches, love that avatar, because I use "Tin Eye" for playing with the scam artists from dating sites using stolen picture albums, only fair I waste their time.

Free is always good -> Results, Searched over 1.9884 billion images for file: http://www.besttechie.net/forums/uploads/av-3438.gif

That is almost 2 BILLION boggles my mind...


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Too hot and too dry in Texas (day 33 of triple digits, last few days hve been 110,109, 108.... with low of 86) for much to grow even if you water it. Lawn is barely hanging in there, and the trees are beginning to drop leaves. All but one tomato plant died and the remaining one has had no fruit. Even the jalapenos get limp by noon and are barely yeilding (tiny red fruit that is really hot). All of my herbs have died from the heat.

We keep setting new power usage records , generally from 4-5PM in the afternoon. Recent was 68,9 Gigawatts in a single hour.

Made pressure cooker pulled pork yesterday and then used the juice to make pressure cooker pinto beans. Minimal heat added to the house and very short cooking time using a pressure cooker as opposed to stove top or slow cooker ( 45 minutes each for the pulled pork and the pintos).

Good to hear from you Marsh.

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Leftover calzone , steamed cauliflower with queso.

Personally I prefer Texas Ruby Red grapefruit to any orange out there, but I think that blood oranges are supposed to be sweet.


But the sweeter the orange the lower its acidity and hence the more prone to spoilage it is and shorter its shelf life so sweet oranges tend to be unsuitable for shipping and export and are only available locally in orange growing regions.

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