Hackers Sell Thousands of Stolen iTunes Accounts on Chinese eBay

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Hackers Sell Thousands of Stolen iTunes Accounts on Chinese eBay

As much as 50,000 iTunes accounts containing credit card details are being sold on TaoBao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay, for prices as low as 1 yuan ($0.15).

The sellers advertise the ability to download anything from software to music, games, movies and so on, but warn that the accounts should be used within 24 after being bought. This is because the legitimate owners will likely notice the fraudulent transactions and cancel their credit cards or change the passwords.

The most likely possibility are phishing attacks or infections with password stealing malware. Just last month we reported about a wave of fake iTunes emails warning users that their accounts will be suspended if they don't contact the support department.

The advertised link took people to a drive-by download website mimicking an Apple support article which silently tried to infect their computers with malware by exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated Flash Player and Java installations. nother possibility is that fraudsters used stolen credit card details to create the iTunes accounts themselves. The Global Times reporter paid $5 for an account which contained the billing information of an US resident.

Story - http://news.softpedi...ay-176742.shtml

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It's concerning to hear about the security breach with iTunes accounts being sold on TaoBao. This emphasizes the need for caution when making online purchases. Always verify the credibility of the sellers and platforms. Speaking of TaoBao, I've found the Taobao English agent services quite helpful for legitimate shopping needs. It's a reminder to prioritize safety in our online activities. 

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