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Hey everyone I am doing a website for a none profit organization . This website is where people can go read and donate to a school in bonga.

Here is what I want to ask.

The basic website is going to be normal info and stuff but should I add a forum system I planned to add a blog.

Next what would you want to see on a website like this? videos pictures ?

Should we link a facebook , twitter , and other sites to it to help .

We just have alot of questions for this site and we want to know what you all think we should do to this site to make it the best we can.

If you want to stay up to date with the website go to my blog on my profile and I will post more info about the site and progress on there.

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As for the content of the website, you should be asking a knowledgeable person within the NGO. What is the organization about? Why should people provide donations? Once you get as much information as you can find, you can then proceed on organizing and presenting it.

If the website is meant to generate discussion, a blog might be sufficient. Remember, a lot of blogging software already allow comments within posts. A forum might just be redundant and unnecessary. However, if you foresee lots of visitor-initiated discussion (i.e. those not guided by blog posts), then a forum might be required.

Facebook and Twitter are good for getting your website noticed and driving traffic, but shouldn't replace it.

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