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did you have to aquire permission from them, as it is ment to be an online encyclopedia, and not a place to spam forums, not that this is what you are doing...i was just wondering...

No, I did not ask permission, I simply added the article. As it is a free open source encyclopedia, I was able to create the article. The reason I did so is because I came across an article on The Tech Support Forum ( and figured, if they are allowed to have an article, why shouldn't Besttechie? Anyhow, if they don't like it, they will just remove it.


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Hi MistaMatt90

My own personal opinion....I think you did excellent. It reads great to me...along with all the info. that best describes what Besttechie is all about.

Again...just IMO...

Good work.....and thanks for taking the time to do this..... ;)


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  • 2 months later...
I'm a little lost on how to vote...  :wacko:  :blush:



go to this page:

and at the top, there will be a button that says 'edit this page' click on that, and a text box should come up on a new page. on there, after all the current text, type something like

*Vote - brett5150: '''Keep'''



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Ok, I followed the directions but I think I goofed it you have to be a member to wikipedia to vote? Do I click "save" after voting or something else?? I typed


Is that right or did I need the star and punctuation marks?

I know, durned noob.... :)


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BAH!!! I tried it 6 times and my vote didn't show up (at least I think it didn't). If anyone wants to put in a "keep" vote for blim, go right ahead, you have my permission!

Ooops, try number 7 worked!!! Of course, I was doing it wrong....duh...



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