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OK Ladies and Gents I have a good list of what i think i should have, aka AdawareSE,,spybot,,A2 squared,,etc,,,,

Would like to see if there's anything I have missed,, yep i know "look at the "Get your answers here" thread at G4 and the ones here :unsure: done all that.

Just would like to see if there's anything else that you guy's and gal's use and recommend.

Thanks for your time ;)

Oh and an after thought ,would it be possible (if using a CD RW ) to slipstream updates to each program ??

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If you're thinking of an "I just did a clean install, what else do I need" type CD:

Anti-Virus (AVG, Avast, A-Squared... pick one)

Spyware scanners (AdAware, Spybot)

Firewall (ZoneAlarm, I still prefer it to SP2's)


Hijack This

CodeStuff Starter (or another startup manager)

Zip files (WInRAR, WInZIP, again I like those better than XP's)

WinRoll (a neat little utility, an alternative to "minimize window"; reduces a window to just the title bar)

WinPatrol (Startup monitor, although Spybot's TeaTimer seems to have this covered)

Download Manager (Star Downloader, LeechGet (my current favorite))

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Basic things you would want on your machine as soon as it is back up and running. Somethings for me would not be for you. IM, P2P programs and such. But basiclly (sp) that is what you want.

It took me about three (well alot more that that, I'm stubborn) installs before I did a fresh install with just my esentials, then burned image to cd and a back up to a second physical HDD.

Now I load "crap" after that.

Like Joe friday said: Just the Facts...


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