Funny Videos I Found On The Net

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i was like Oh ah funny stuff to see :D

Then i clicked and saw the the load and i was like :angry:

Then tg1911 said "funny mcamaurder" and i was like <_<

But then bearskin said "hey should tell people on dialup these are big files. both are over 11 Mb." ;)

Then mac said " OOOhhh yeah ummm. people on dial up. sorry they are 11mb each. sad.gif "and i was like :P

mac...Can you explain the clip...Or is this one of those... "You have to see it to appreciate it."


LOL i ran out of icons...

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no prob ;)

to be honest i really only liked that one because it reminds me of me. it's like how i try real hard to help everyone and make them laugh so that i can get those email compliments i get some times, which make me feel better. they give me a bigger ego and more confidence like a giant internet penis like in the cartoon.

now as far as the starwars one, welll that was just funny. they took clips from the movie and put a jedi to online speak on the bottom. it's funny when they are referred to level 50 jedi's and yoda goes ROLF! or anikan goes LOL. it was like online gaming inside starwars. sorry there's no smaller sized ones for this, in fact george lucas has been threatening to sew anyone who host it. so many places took it down.

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Oh Wow mac...Thanks for describing the other clip...Sounds to funny!

Please say i didn't hurt your feelings by teasing about your posting..i get to silly sometimes... i'm sorry if i did!

Hey you're a Mad Scientist/ Evil Genius...i sure don't want to see you get :angry:

That's it now we have to create an Ego Email of the Day club ®

Whatcha think? Already been done?

Thanks again for the funny video mac! ;)

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