Anti Spyware Bills Update

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From /.:

stinerman writes "Today the house passed two bills aimed at stopping spyware / adware and unauthorized use of computers. H.R. 29 makes it 'unlawful for any person who is not the owner or authorized user of a protected computer to engage in deceptive acts or practices'. H.R. 744 (I-SPY Act) prohibits accessing a protected system via code copied on to the system to, among other things, disseminate personal information. Both bills sailed through the house and are expected to be passed by the Senate."

Sounds like /very/ good news to me. :)

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Hey snaxe,

Thanks for the info

i think maybe they're getting serious. i found this article about ISP's taking aim at spam too...

Wed May 25 @ 02:17 [2005-05-25 02:17:28] (Reads: 31)

Source: MacNewsWorld

The Federal Trade Commission today launched "Operation Spam Zombies," a campaign to encourage Internet service providers (ISPs) to crack down on compromised computers within their networks that are being used to spew spam onto the Internet. These "zombie" computers -- so-called because they're remotely controlled by malicious parties who plant malware on a machine without its owner's knowledge -- account for as much as 40 percent of the unsolicited e-mail in the world, according to Sophos, a global security firm. "Without solving the zombie problem, you'll never solve the spam problem," Gregg Mastoras, a senior security analyst in the Lynnfield, Mass., office of Sophos, told TechNewsWorld.

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