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Good Morning :)

The answer to your question is: You can buy a domain from whomever you want (Network Solutions, Yahoo! Domains, and you can host it anywhere - I have my site ( domain through godaddy, and I have my own server, so all I do is point the A Record to the IP Address that will be assigned to the domain. That way, you can maintain the site anyway you want, and when you type the address, it will resolve to the IP you put in.

So, if you wanted to host somewhere other then the domain provider, you can do this - Recommend however that you LOCK your domain, so someone does NOT try to transfer ownership without your permission or consent - that way, you are the ONLY one that can do that ;)

I use a mailbox for all my mail on GD, so that way I can send mail when I need to: the first box is free with the domain, and I believe that there is a charge for additional boxes. As far as Webair, Besttechie may be able to give you information on this, should you have any other questions :D

Good Luck!!


I'm brand new to starting a webpage and I was wondering, Do I have to get hosting at the same place I got the domain name?

So for example, If I bought a domain name at godaddy but I wanted to get web hosting from webair, would I be able to do that?

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