How secure is your e-mail password?

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I use a password generator to generate a long password for me. I also never use my name in any form as my email user name. The following article is on an experiment showing how your identity can be stolen simply from access to one’s email. The article is a good read and very informative.

How secure is your e-mail password?

by Elinor Mills

Access to an e-mail account opens up access to all sorts of other information that could be used to steal someone's identity and drain bank accounts, open up credit cards, and even take out loans in their name.

It's not just personal information at stake in e-mail accounts. Use of weak password-reset security questions is believed to have allowed someone to access the Yahoo e-mail account of a Twitter employee last year and then use that to access the person's Google Docs account where there was sensitive corporate information.

Full article here:

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