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I have a Basic Optical Mouse 1.0A that is plugged into the USB port and every minuet or so when I go to the left it will go right and if I go up it will go down and vise versa. I downloaded the update for it and still the same thing it’s not fixed. Also if I plug it into my other older computer it will work just fine so why wont it work fine on this one? One more thing I’m a serious gamer so this isn’t good for me, and I cant buy another mouse dad wont give me money and I cant find a job :( so if someone could help me I would really appreciate it. I bet out of every 4 people that clicked this thread only 1 read the whole thing DAMN T.V but you gotta love it at the same time :P:D


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I do have the latest driver for it but it didn't fix the problem just gave me options on what I want the mouse buttons to do. Also this is the second mouse that is doing this the first one I got had the same problem and this one is no different. You think it might be the USB ports? Because my digital camera has the same type of problem (works sometimes and doesn't). If it is my USB ports how would get the drivers for it I heard that SP1 would fix them but I have SP2 (and there is no way I'm going to SP2 until I test it out first).

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well, i read your problem, so i guess more than 4 people read it all the way through,huh? un-install the USB card (if equippped) and re-install, let windows build the driver base all over again.

why aren't these [email protected] colors,sizes,bold, italics NOT WORKING GUYS???!!!!

ok, great, i got the bold, and italic, now i need the color.

okie dokie, gots it now!! thanks !!

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Have you checked your settings in the mouse control panel to make sure that the "invert" selection isn't on? I know there are settings that will make the mouse go up when you go down and left when you go right, that's why I thought of that right off the bat. Just a thought.... :blink::)

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