Anyone hear from Marty?

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hi keith

yea i came on the board and saw bakers


yes things have settled down tho

we are still getting after shock

quick but

huge only for seconds

this city has a huge damage

bill to pay for

where i live it shook stuff of the shelves but nothing else

tho the bugger was huge

my housr swayed at least 7-8 inches

at first i thought i was getting adizzy spell

thanks for all concerned

owe yas one


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hi here is an indepth look at the quake

on news and video

i see the xperts have likened it to the haiti


where thousands were killed

we didnt lose a life here

and i feel new zealanders are

quake savvy and keep strictly to the rule we are taught

there were lots of damage

while im on the structural damagea

houses built from ninetys on were the ones damaged

and thing any built

back in 80-70"s

were not touched

dosent that tell people of the building standards

from then until now

my home was built in the 80"s

and other my wet pants

no damage

however here is an indepth news and video

on the event

forgot to mention that

news and video was sent to me by bill mallanson

bless him


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