Speedstream 5200 Adsl Usb Modem And Knoppix 3.6

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Is it possible to configure Knoppix 3.6 (Live CD) to connect to the Internet through the USB side of a Speedstream 5200 ADSL modem? I have never used any type of Linux and am lost when reading everything found at Google. My ISP is Alltel and uses PPPoE. In fact I believe I was damn lucky burning the Knoppix .iso successfully my first try using NTI 6 Platinum seeing as I had never used that program before. I would put in an Ethernet card but I would have to remove my anti-virus program and reinstall. If I do that I might as well format and start fresh then dig out all the Panda files for removal. Thanks for any help.

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can you use the Ethernetside.. Point to point over ethernet should not matter if its USB or Ehternet connection.. knoppix has PPoE on the menu .. you can set it up. I think it under internet.. but may be settings.. I'll have to boot to see.

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