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Cool, I go on motorcycle rides every saturday and take my little casio camera with me to take a snapshot of the places we go. I'm working on a Google map with pictures if anyone is interested you can see it here. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=105775704390103489162.00048ba0a974547e3bfc6&t=h&z=10

From yesterdays ride.



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Thanks for your kind words, Pat and isteve:) Awesome pictures, isteve. Here's a picture from my living room. My 7 year old, Lisa. She's quite the character. I'm going to get out and get some more shots about town.


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Well , now that the puppies are all gone I may have to start taking pictures of other things.

Of course this is really not the time of year to take pictures of Dallas (or Texas in general). Today is supposed to be 104, and this is supposed to continue for another seven days at least. Lows in the upper eighties and no rain. Six more weeks of summer and if anything survives then we will get some respite for the fall.

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I went for a motorcycle ride to the highest point in Massachusetts, Mt Graylock. My first time there. At the summit there is war memorial light tower with a look out.. I climb up the stair case and stand at the highest point in Mass. and run into a old drinking buddy that I haven't seen in close to ten years, who btw lives 20 minutes away from me. It's a small world.

Here are some pics.




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Very Nice Pics: I'll have to get my Video Camera and my Still camera to get a few shots of some scenery around Vermont. It can be very beautiful this time of year. My favorite time of year is when you can see the leaves change and the weather gets a little cooler. When I was younger, I used to fish and camp at Lake Groton VT and I used to like to get up to a camp breakfast or a dinner cooked over a open fire. Those were the days. Vermont is a very beautiful place to live, work and play :)


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I reckon I should post the pics I took of random cars I've seen running around this place in the last year. Bentleys, Maseratis, Astons, weirdo cars, Herbie the Love Bug, etc. I also have some pics of snow on campus from last winter. I just need to quit being lazy and get them off my phone. Too late tonight though.

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I should have taken a camera when we went to the State Fair on Tuesday. There were some interesting things I would have liked to have pics of. But every time I take a camera to something like that the OL says she does not want me taking pictures of her since she did not wear makeup or do her hair....

Still would have been nice to have some pics of the horticultural society's greenhouse.

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OK, these few shots are just random cars I've seen around town while in my car or while making deliveries in my work truck:

Herbie the Love bug taken from my old delivery truck on my way back to the store I used to work at:


This is some tiny little car with motorcycle tags I spotted in the same manner as Herbie and in almost the same spot. This car actually was pulled into our parking lot. Oh and as for a size comparison, the other car is almost right next to it.


A Ford Ranchero I spotted on one of my almost weekly trips home


Some Bentley I spotted while heading back to the store from a delivery run


Another Bentley I spotted on the way to work


Some snow shots from last winter, about January or February. What prompted me to take these pics was because of how sudden it was. Not even 30 minutes before I took these, there was absolutely no snow to speak of.




Actually this one, I can't remember if I took it the same day or not. I think I did, just much later in the day, either that or it was the very next day.


And since everybody else is posting pets, my 13 year old mutt, Mille (pronounced the same as Millie), and my 9 year old Silver Hair Tabby looking cat, aptly named Kitty


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