Monitor or Graphics Card on the fritz

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So lately my parents PC monitor has been randomly not been turning on. My workaround fix is to take it into another room, plug it in to the power cable in that room, and then it magically turns on. It has been a normal thing now every few days for about a week or so. Anyways, happened again this morning, I did the usual fix, but still no signal. I made sure everything was plugged in, and even tried the other port on the GFX card; still nothing. I get out a brand new DVI cable I have, and try both ports, still nothing. I took out the card and re seated it, still nothing. I took the computer to a current working monitor, and still nothing. It was working fine last night, and wasn't this morning.

The card seems to power up just fine, fan spins and everything. I was thinking it was a bad port on th card, but I think it is kinda strange that they would both just go out in one night.

The mobo has no onboard GFX and I don't have an extra spare card to try in its place at the moment.

Any ideas?

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Update: I put in a known working graphics card, and I am still getting nothing. Can we now say it is a bad PCI-E slot on the mobo?

Did you try this monitor on another computer?

To me it sounds like the monitor is bad (power supply or backlight issue).

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Yeah I tried another monitor and had the same thing. I do have an update though, I decided to try the new card one more time, so I re seated it and what do you know it is working right now. I don't trust this computer very well, its about 6 years old and its gone through its thing with issues. Memtest and WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic came up empty.

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