The Manly Man's Bed

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Rob I don't you'll be sleeping in it if the wife is mad at you...hehe...sry...just alittle humor.

I don't think I like the idea of being trapped while i am sleeping. It is sound/air/water proof, so what if you have kids and they are screaming for you, you have to wait for it to open and then get out, you can't just get up and go. I am sure that there are a thousand reasons not to get one, but it looks interesting enough to try just once and only once...

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nit must have access to house outlet jack (110V) to supply power to the Quantum Sleeper Unit and may be run separately through the floor directly to the unit.

Also, don't you think that it should have its own power supply?

If a terrorist dude comes in, and unplugs it, they're screwed.

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