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If you lok at the bottom picture you will note on the right side of it it says,and I quote.

Partitions are exactly the sameas those above

And they are,this is a "mind bender"puzzle.

The light green one is the only one not moved.

Moving the yellow one down and to the left,the puzzle is now shorter and longer.

Then by switching the two triangles you shorten the lengh and raise the highth.

BTW the angles are the same other wise it would not work out right.

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I looked alittle further into the website and came up with this link


It says pick a card out of the 6 listed, takes you to a screen where you are supposed to say it aloud almost as they were going to hear you, then you click next, and the cards are completely different from the ones you looked at earlier. They change the suits of the K, Q, J to different suits so of course you card isn't going to be there...I thought it was pretty stupid, but it did get me to visit the site, so what does that say about my entertainment level for today

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I think I have helped you with your question.

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