Script errors on Windows 7 IE8

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Wife just started having script errors and I tried to turn off Debugging and after applying the advanced options it turns script debugging back on some how. It is telling her the line 31 "length is null or not an object"

She just tried Firefox and doesn't have the problem. Any idea why it reapplies the settings back to debugging? I reinstalled Java so that wasn't it.

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Got it fixed today. First tried numerous things I found on the internet. Then I uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled it. Still not working. I then deleted all Cookies,Temperary Internet files and anything else I could from IE. That still didn't do it. SO I went to AVG toolbar and deleted History and Cookies from it. Then it quit having script errors.

Other things I did try was Spybot search and Destroy,Malwarebytes, Trend Micro's free scan and AVG full scan. It was in the tool bar for AVG that fixed this.

One other thing.. My wife had a program called Mcafee Virus scan Plus on her system. She couldn't remeber where she got it from. I did some searching and there is no such free program I can find and I also found some discusion about it being a Spyware program and messed up a lot of peoples PC's. I removed it as well. Norton even had some bad things to say about it.

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