Install Gentoo In 10 Minutes

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I just installed a fully configured bootable gentoo system in 10 minutes. This system has even been fully compiled to run perfectly on my hardware.

I kind of cheated; the last install I did, I tarred up my whole system in a big tarball, well actually two: my /boot and my / partition. The install consisted of untarring two files.

edit added later//

before tarring my system, I deleted all of my distfiles. After using bzip to do the compression, I got the tarball down to just 175mb, this even includes my full kernel source; I think the system uncompressed was about 1.4 gb.

I wonder how big of a tarball I can make? After gnome is full emerged maybe i will make a huge tarball. When does the maddness end; I need a life :-)

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your life is to be dedicated to making the biggest possible tarball ever

this is your reason for existence

at least your life involves doing something you enjoy

have fun with it

by the way thats a great idea, bet they can't do that in windows

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Here's something to aim for:

~ $ ll /mnt/media/jcl/jcl.tar 
-rw-r--r--  1 jcl users 7759513600 Mar 17 15:58 /mnt/media/jcl/jcl.tar


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