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The cleaning guy at my office gave me a Laptop to fix the WiFi connection in and I determined that they had installed XP on the sony VAIO that originally came with Vista. I confirmed this with him he stated someone told him vista was mo good so he had a local kid Put a copy of XP professional on it. Well the kid did not know enough to track down the drivers before doing this (he had no excuse Sony makes it easier) I fixed everything (keybaord utilites and all) but I told him he would need to activate XP soon it would shut down in 28days. There is is the problen it is not a legit copy (the kid did not tell him that) now he does not want to loose everything he has installed on it (a bunch of Diagnostic programs for Cell phones that he uses in his primary job) He has the Vista Disc that came with the Laptop and wants to know if he could use it to upgrade back to vista and not lose his apps. I said I did not know I know that you can clean install with it. and you can Trick a retail disk into thinking it is OEM. I have done it on a reinstall using My Xp disk anf the customers product code on the computer but this one does not seems to fall in between possible and impossible. Give me some feed back or should I tell hime to cut his loses and do a clean install?

Been awhile since I have been here I how all my old friends are doing well


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