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no rush iccaros, I'll try localhost 631 in a while, have to reboot to do it. As this is only the second distro I have tried I don't know much yet. Couldn't get comfortable with knoppix but I really feel good with this. Learning something anyway.

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just remember the :

in all browsers localhost is the name of the machine (it knwo that that work localhost is the same thing as the machine name or the loopback address of ..

If that was confusing just type localhost

but you need to enter the port 631 which needs a : to tell the browser this is a port not apart of the name

so its


also remember you have slapt to add software or driver if you need it.

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I wasted nearly two hours of my day trying to make icccaros linux work with my printer. I guess it was not a total waste, I probably learned something. I am only able to get it to print a small text file. Any other thing I try starts the print job, then aborts. I installed hpijs, and am using a foomatic ppd.

edit added later//

this was not a crack at your distro. This was more pointing out the fact I spent two hours on something I do not need. I could have been doing something more productive

Not being able to make it work is VERY UNSATISFYING. If I spent two hours and got the satisfaction of a nice print, I would be happy :-)

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sorry its probaly overlay FS.. IT should be fixed when I get Union FS and 2.6 kernel working. Overlay has some memory issues

plus I need people to knock it.. kick the tires.. see what does not work or else I will never know.

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not for me :D

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just wanted to update, I forgot i started this thread, with Ubuntu and a little programming help I found on the Ubuntu boards, my z25 printer is working just like it does in windows, the only thing that it doesn't do is show my ink levels, but thats fine with me, I use both OS's so my windows OS will tell me when I'm low lol.

anyone using Ubuntu with that printer can get it running by following the instructions here

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