could use some help an advise

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Hi everyone, I havent been around on the forum here much , kinda need some help with the new MBs and CPUs out now. I have a 5 year old E6600 set up and believe my MB has died. (never liked it always had trouble with it.)

My question(s) are will this CPU : perform just fine for us real world people I really just play mid range games like COD. But I like to see fast boot up and program open in the blink of an eye :thumbsup:

I cant see spending $100 more for an intel to match this thing. Tell me if I am wrong. Going wth this CPU this MB is what I really need help with, it has great reviews and is AMD3.

I have a floppy drive and a DVD burner IDE , I only see 1 IDE slot on this thing would I be better buying a sata DVD burner,can I still use my floppy on this thing ?

I have dual WD 1600YS 160GB set up on raid 0 in my rig now, would I be better going with a newer HD for speed I will notice?

Will my current PS plug and work with this MB ?

Any help greatly appreciated! :)

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