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How sure are you that they're related to XP SP2? The list of extensions and related programs that I'm seeing seems to indicate that they could belong to several programs, some of which may use these files in a necessary capacity. Just something to be cautious of. I'll look and see if I can find anything else on MS's site too...

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I'm actually coming across this in a couple of forums around the web, and no one really seems to have an answer on it.... <_<

It's a little strange...but, I don't think it's linked to SP2, because a couple of the postings are from January of this year. So...kind of leaves us back near square one. An interesting head-scratcher for sure...<rah rah, go team go-type babble>This might be our first real stumper group!! Let's band together and see if we can do this. :P </rah rah, go team go-type babble>


Trying not to keep posting ad-nauseum, so I figured I would add to my last one... ;)

Most of the entries I'm finding on the .idx file onslaught seem to just point to they're either from use of Outlook or Outlook Express. AOL uses an .idx file as well, but there's only one file with that (called main.idx or default.idx or something - it holds most of the dial-up information I believe). I think that's all I'm going to find....anyone else?

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Okay karudicator - thanks. That is really strange...I guess it must be associated with SP2 in some way in this instance, but from the research I was pulling, there were similar instances that happened before SP2. At least, before a public release of it - if someone had a beta or something of it, I think that was back in the winter. But, that probably isn't the case.

Maybe someone else will have some luck in finding a more relevant case and fix of this issue.

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