Things to do with school computers?

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With school coming to a close.. sadly, not. I was wondering if there was anything to keep me occupied in school for these last few days. Our school computers have blocked pretty much everything. Every site except for a few. Net send always gets an error. I type in the computer name of my friends computer in the same room in the remote shutdown dialog box (Go into CMD and type shutdown -i) and it never works. I tried the Star Wars command prompt thing, and its blocked too. I've tried free proxy sites.. blocked.

My question to you guys.. what are some fun things to do with school computers that you don't think are blocked or won't get me in trouble? Is there a way that WILL work to shutdown/restart/log off my friend's computer? Some fun CMD things? I'm open to anything.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Being that these machines are school computers there would be little that you could do with them. They are obviously networked, and set up so that the sites that the administrators of your school system want blocked are blocked. In my mind, using a computer to cause another to shutdown is not ethical or fun - this is because you are using the command prompt to do something that I think most people would frown upon.

If someone was actually doing an important assignment and you caused a remote shutdown of a machine, the person could lose data, and this could cause damage to the person who is doing the assignment. I would strongly urge you to forgo using the computer to try to do the things you describe. This is highly unethical, and something that I am sure the BT Community would Frown upon........ My feeling is that it is hard enough to secure computers for school and student use without someone trying to find ways around security. The student you could do this to could be a NOVICE user, and may not know what is happening - and I am sure the school would be upset as well, and you may face sanctions from your school, and why would you want to face that when school is almost out.

Recommend that you NOT do this - Its NOT worth the heck you couold catch :(


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Ahahaha, yeah, the topic is from 2010, but the problem is still here. I finished my school last year and we also had almost all they sites blocked, because our teachers were all into tuition and didn’t want us to do anything except studying. It was really boring, but I was smart enough to (partly) unblock some sites and order works from best paper writing service .

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