AT&T's New Data Plans May Not Be So Bad

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Today, AT&T announced their new data plans to the public, the new plans are available as a 200MB DataPlus plan for $15 per month, and the 2GB DataPro plan for $25 per month. If you go over your allowed usage, data will be charged at $15 per 200MB on the DataPlus, and $10 per GB on the DataPro. In addition, iPhone users can purchase a tethering option for an additional $20/month, but no extra transfer is provided. Existing customers on the unlimited data plan are grandfathered in and can keep it as long as they have their account. A lot of people seem to be up in arms about all of this – especially iPhone users who want to tether their phone to another device. The problem for them is if you change your plan to allow tethering, you lose your unlimited data plan, forever.

I did some thinking about the caps put in place by AT&T. Now let’s assume you did purchase the $25/month data plan which includes 2GB of transfer and the additional tethering option for $20. That’s $45/month for 2GB of transfer. Which in comparison to Verizon’s MiFi is a deal (I know because I have one). Verizon’s MiFi plans are $40/month for 250MB and $60/month for 5GB. I personally have the 5GB plan because 250MB is essentially a joke – my email would eat all of that up in one or two sessions.

Full article:

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