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Hi all

I'm beyond lost

Prior to reimaging or clean re-install from the factory if you wish

Had found a freeware and no spyware program that

Added to right click,, "send to" what ever I wished to add

Yes I know how to drag and drop

Beem thru Kellys Korner to the point of losing my color and see-ing Black and white

so many times

Such a nice small download and have given up further searchs

Sorry for a very hard question,, to the one that finds my answer will be

Always be a hero in my book


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The *Send To* folder is hidden by default. Through the Control Panel, click Folder Options > View > and make sure *View hidden files and folders* is checked. Then it's a simple matter of creating a shortcut within the *Send To* folder (C:\Windows\Send To) for any app/destination you want. Hope this helps...


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Hi thanks for the reponse

I know how to do that

A small program that made it so simple,, added send to to the right click

Example,, could hover upon anything and tick sent to,, my choice where

Perhaps I wished for other people a very simple way to transfer files

Hey I know it be a very research to find what,, if explained correctly and has been hard for me to explain

Thanks again but it will be a very tuff score


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Hi Earnoldo

Welcome to you over here,, been along time ago

Thanks to you teaching me CFH to write that script,, years ago

Hope you are feeling good or great

Been soooo long to catch up with you,, for the thanks and your wisdom

Everyone is like a breath of fresh here

I ask you my friend to please return

The boards needs your wisdom OK


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Hi all and thanks very much for your all your efforts

Sorry CurlingSteve not the small maybe 150K download or less

So simple for others to enjoy as I did

I'm so mad at myself for not doing a print out as I almost always will when downloading any program

I feel so bad not sharing it prior to losing everything on the laptop,,except for my photos

backed up

Even my cat might be able to run this simple program and you all are still heros


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Thanks for the kind words. I ran into such a hassle registering for the G4 Techtv boards that I decided to just sit in the stands. I am glad B got this board up and running.

Welcome Earnoldo!

You were better off skipping the G4 boards...I have been on there very sporadically lately and I'm starting to question why I even do that. It's all dimwitted name-calling and flaming with very few questions even being asked anymore. I think they've scared folks off from asking them! It's a marked change even from July when I started being a part of the boards. It's great that B opened this up, cause I wouldn't have another tech refuge if not. Thank goodness I do! I may just give up on the other ones completely before long...

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Context Magic v1.1.b2 (Free Edition) .......... Context Magic is a Windows Explorer shortcut menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks.

Click Here To Download Your Free Copy Right Now (156 Kb)

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Share on other sites (i beleive is the link) and its FreshUI that you want. You can, with FreshUI, add programs to right click "open with notepad" for example.

(if link is not correct go to cnet - This is a freeware, no spyware. I reccomend it highly to anyone intrested in tweaking there system. XteQ is the only one better, in my opinion, and I am usually not to quick to throw that one out there. You can get yourself in trouble with XteQ if not careful... freshUI although is safe for n00b's to advanced users

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