Mandy and My New Apartment

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Wow, some nice luxury features there; Countertops, flooring, etc. I lived in a luxury complex a long time ago (more than twenty years) and it was nowhere NEAR as nice.

On the other hand, my first apartment was no bigger than the living room in my current home. :lol:

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Holy crappenstack that's nice. Makes my place look like crap (actually it doesn't take much to do that). Looks like it's a pretty good size place. Kinda reminds me of my brother's house a little.

I live in an older townhouse with counters and cabinets made in the 80's so it's not quite so nice looking. It's also inhabited by 2 male college roommates in their 20's so it's often cluttered, full of furniture and other junk obtained for free (our couch and chair were made 1969), and the most organized area of the entire place is the DVD/Game rack.

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very nice jeff

when i come to the usa[ joking]

any chance of a place to stay

i live in a two bedroom house by my self now

but it is no where near as nice as yours

good luck to you and mandy

remember if you want some housecleaning tips ask me


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