Sarah Lane Returns

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“ with Sarah Lane” is coming to the Current webwaves soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be a live streaming, interactive, weekly show covering everything that’s new and cool in technology and the web.

Just waiting for them to put it on the TV rather than just online.

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Sweet!!!!!.... She made watching G4 almost bearable.... hahahaha ;)

Yes; and I remember talk about how nice it would be if Current picked up some of the old TechTV content.

I guess we need to make a concerted effort to watch her "Pods" and spread the word so that she gets enough traffic that they take notice and start airing them on TV.

It is nice to see she is still a go getter and got her foot in the door.

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I watch Current once in awhile. Is this program on Current TV channel or just internet?

So far her show is just on the internet.

I heard it may begin airing on Current in mid January but can't vouch for that.

In the meantime; the more traffic she gets on their site the more likely it is that they will give her a regular slot on TV

Should have them all.

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