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Hope everyone. Had a good holiday.

I,m writing this while standing outside my doctors office.

The idea is to not come home sicker than when I got here.

Wish me well.


I wish you the best, and hope you have a Happy New Year.

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Thanks sultan.

My doc said he couldn't do anything for me and sent me to an opthomologist. I have a lacerated cornea.

The S.O. almost set the house on fire around 4am.

She bought two old lamps and revamped them.

But she lost interest and didn't finish the shade.

Hence, a piece was hitting the light bulb and caught on fire. When I put it out some molton fabric hit me in the face and eye.

She can't understand why I'm upset.

I also found out that I have cataracts.

The hits just keep on comin'.


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Joe, hope everything is OK with you.

I can vouch for cataract surgery, it is a piece of cake. The prep time took longer than the actual surgery. The actual surgery took 6 minutes. Felt nothing. You will feel no pain. Absolutely nothing.

You will be amazed when you see colors again. Much clearer and brighter. You will have to wear sun glasses for a couple of days until your eyes adapt to the brightness.

I highly recommend it if you can get it done. Like Liz says, you will wish you had it done long ago.

Take care


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Thanks all. Feeling better now.

It is almost like tweeting isn't it.

That's not a good sign. I'm still getting used to the Droid. Typing is a major challenge. The Droid is filling the void though, as my main PC has bit the dust.

Major rebuild project starting tomorrow.

I will keep you posted.


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