Study: Facebook users willingly give out data

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Why am I not I am not surprised of the findings in the article below ... I have had invites to join and have refused. I had opened an account with Facebook at one time but because I refused to give out personal information my account was suspended until such time I would .. they will wait a very long time to get any details.

December 7, 2009 7:34 AM PST

Study: Facebook users willingly give out data

by Don Reisinger

Facebook users are too willing to give out their personal information, security firm Sophos has found.

According to Sophos' Australian team, which conducted a study to see how likely Facebook users were to offer up personal information, 41 to 46 percent of the 100 people Sophos contacted "blindly accepted" friend requests from two fake Facebook users created by the security firm.

After becoming friends with Sophos, the security firm was able to access up to 89 percent of the users' full dates of birth, all of their e-mail addresses, where they went to school, and more. Half of all the users Sophos befriended displayed the town or suburb where they live. They even offered up information on family and friends.

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