Windows 7 RTM Cannot Be Shut Down on Multi-CPU/Multi-Core CPU Machines

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Windows 7 RTM Cannot Be Shut Down on Multi-CPU/Multi-Core CPU Machines

Or put into Sleep mode

Customers having problems with the Shut Down process of Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Windows client can now turn to the company for a possible resolve. The software giant informed that in certain scenarios users of Windows 7 RTM that attempt to Shut Down, or put their computer into Sleep mode, won’t be able to do so. According to the Redmond company the issue is associated with machines that sport multiple CPUs or multi-core CPUs.

“You have a computer that is running Windows 7. When the system is under heavy load, you may encounter one or more of the following problems: the hotkey on your keyboard does not work. For example, you press the hotkey to control the brightness of your computer screen. However, the level of brightness does not change. Windows 7 stops responding when you shut down the computer or put the computer into Sleep,” Microsoft explained.

softpedia for more details -

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