Mac laptops are less reliable than PCs

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Mac laptops are less reliable than PCs

Research reveales 17% of Apple laptop fail within three years

Gregg Keizer Apple laptops are less reliable than those manufactured by Asus, Toshiba and Sony, says SquareTrade.

Research by the after-sale warranty company revealed that Apple took the Number 4 spot, behind ASUS, Toshiba and Sony, which held Number one through to Number three, respectively.

Over a two-year period, slightly more than 10 percent of Apple laptops - the company sells two lines, MacBook and MacBook Pro - failed in some fashion, said SquareTrade. The projected failure rate of Apple's laptops within three years, added SquareTrade, was 17.4 percent.

More details at PC advisor - http://www.pcadvisor...newsid=3206649&

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Although the headlines make it look like apples are bad it really is only about 1% difference. And with no real numbers it's hard to believe this just isn't a hit piece. I work at a school we have Dells and Macs and our number one failure is hard drives. It does seem like the Macs with the seagate drives fail more often. Also the Macs get a lot of use in movie making and podcast production and the dells are used mostly for word and excel. They all see a lot of internet time and video streaming.

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