Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) First Taste Coming Right Up

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Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) First Taste Coming Right Up

Later today, November 18th, 2009, Microsoft will deliver the first taste of the next iteration of its proprietary browser. The Redmond company is looking to share plans about the successor of IE8, namely Internet Explorer 9 on the second day of the Professional Developers Conference 2009 in Los Angeles. It was Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Chief Software Architect that revealed the start of the discussion focused on IE9. Ozzie nominated Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows and Windows Live Division, as the Microsoft executive that would make public the first details on Internet Explorer 9.

“In terms of runtimes, our strategic runtime for delivering experiences across all three screens, across three screens and a cloud, are Internet Explorer and Silverlight. We'll work to ensure that Internet Explorer is the best browser for Windows without compromise, a standards based, modern browser to its core,” Ozzie stated. “Through IE we aspire to give Web app developers access to all the performance and all the functions that the Windows OS and the PCs hardware will serve up. You'll hear tomorrow from Steven Sinofsky, and he'll discuss Windows, IE, and much, much more.”

Read details at softpedia –

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