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........I don't like the program Erser. ........

Why? What don't you like about it?

Hi maxdog4

I can give you my past experience and do believe it's a joke and will not speak for others

Will leave some entries "in" but can't say until I can find and look thru my paper notes

JV-16 only the paid version remains will find many,,but need my notes first as I"m getting to tired now OK

And check back tomorrow ,, but it"s already here,, dam time zones OK



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I don't like the program Erser. What program that has similar features to Erser do you recommend?

Cyberscrub for wiping files within windows. KillDisk to wipe the HDD for reformat. Killdisk (free) will only make one pass at a time.

I second JV16 for cleaning the registry and removing traces of programs. Be careful with it you could really screw something up. But hey if that happens you could always do a reinstall. Wouldn't take long you have everything backed up. :lol:

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Hi mikex

Jv16 does backup all removals and users can't get into much troubles if any

Nice program but shareware


Back up....Oh...I'm not supposed to delete those files to make more space on my HDD. :D

Shareware aside it is very useful. I have a copy I run from a floppy for work on other peoples machines. Have to watch what it save then, floppy fills quick with user profiles and back ups.


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