Download Opera 10.10 Release Candidate (RC)

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Download Opera 10.10 Release Candidate (RC)

Available right here

By Marius Oiaga, Technology News Editor

13th of November 2009

On the way to the next major version of its browser, Opera Software still has to deal with wrapping up and delivering version 10.10 to the general public. Fortunately enough, the Norway-based browser maker is now one step closer to finalizing Opera 10.10 with Unite. Today, November 13th, the first Release Candidate development milestone of Opera 10.10 has been made available for download, with the browser maker taking a critical step towards the final availability of v10.10.

And apparently Opera Software is oblivious to the ill-fortune inherently associated with the Friday 13th myth. "This lucky build was born on Friday 13th! As luck would have it, it became an RC for Opera 10.10. That means that you are lucky enough to get to report any critical bugs, regressions, and so on, before we release it," revealed a member of the Opera Desktop team.

Full details at softpedia - http://news.softpedi...RC-126987.shtml

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