Important PC Mods Can't Run on the Xbox 360

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Important PC Mods Can't Run on the Xbox 360

Says Valve man

By Andrei Dumitrescu, Games Editor

10th of November 2009,

One of the big things about PC gaming is the ability to take a base game experience and then create something new around it, expanding one element of the gameplay. The modding community is vibrant and Valve titles, like Half Life and Left 4 Dead, have been some of the most popular when it comes to mods. With the company working more and more on delivering the same experience on gaming consoles, bringing mods to the Xbox 360 is sounding like an ever more interesting proposition.

Chet Faliszek, who is the leader of the development team working on Left 4 Dead 2, has told CVG that it's very hard to actually take the user-generated content made on the PC and move it to the Microsoft home console. He said "One of the problems now when you look at a lot of the mods that are made is they can't run on low-end PCs, they can't even run on mid-end PCs often - they can only run on high-end PCs. They can't run on Xbox 360." Actually, some of the modders learn the games on which they work so well that they create content which pushes limits that the developers themselves never considered modifying.

Story Softpedia - http://news.softpedi...60-126602.shtml

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