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I have a number of issues that have recently cropped up with my PC. Most seem to be associated with when Outlook started acting up. When I click to open Outlook it will more times than not display the splash screen, then start to open. The main screen opens and tool bars will open, and usually the Folder List will open, but the email window remains blank and Outlook locks up. I will leave the machine and come back in an hour or so and the hour glass is still there and the program is still locked up. I then open task manager and shut it down. The next time it opens it gives the option to open in Safe Mode, which I do.

Also, when Outlook does work and closes properly, it leaves a "ghost" of part of its task bar. I have duel monitors. I always have Outlook open in the right monitor, but the ghost appears in the upper left corner of the left monitor. Attached is a screen capture of the ghost.

I have cleared the deleted files, archived, and compacted the file, but still get the same behavior. Any thoughts?

Along with the Outlook issue, my pc (windows XP 3) has slowed down significantly. I have "cleaned" the pc and I defragment regularly. I use the purchased version of AVG and have Spy-bot resident operating. I recently ran A2-free and it did find one Trogan, which I quarantined, but it had no effect on the PCs performance.

Perhaps this should be a different topic, but I'll ask it here. Are there any Driver updating programs you recommend? I installed "Driver Robot". I used it to scan and it found outdated drivers, but I haven't made any changes with it yet. Could this be messing with my machine? Also, I see many "Registry cleaners" out there. I've never used or even downloaded any, but I wonder what your thoughts are about those types of programs or if you can recommend any.


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